Grid Hybrid BackUp Power (Hybrid SolarPod)


U.S. patent # 8,295,986 ; SolarPodTM is UL Listed.

Can you sell power to Grid while getting off grid benefits?

In traditional solar, when grid power is down the solar is also down.  Our Hybrid SolarPodTM allows you to power critical loads even when grid is down.

Are you wanting to go full solar with no grid connection?  

Programming our inverter allows for multiple options such as:

  1. You can disconnect from the grid and use grid only for emergency charging
  2. Minimal grid power with max solar power.
  3. Sell power to grid from solar and use battery power for emergency

Hybrid SolarPodTM is custom design.  Please contact us to start and learn about our Hybrid SolarPodTM.

Installation in Scranton PA

Installation in Minnesota

Installation in Wisconsin