SolarPod Standalone – 2.0 kW Off-Grid Solar PV System; 2.2 kW Inverter; Model #1008


Installation Assembly video

2.0 kW Solar PV (8 Panels), 2200 W Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter/charger, Racking and cables ready to plugin.


Price includes $550 for S&H

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Off grid 2200W inverter & charger with 2000W solar;  Plug n play solar system ideal for small remote cabin.

Modular construction that comes with 6 batteries (7500Wh) and additional batteries can be added.

Pure sine wave inverter (120V output) with charger.  You can charge the batteries through the inverter’s charger if solar is insufficient (extended rain, snow, cloud).

Adaptable installation that can be mounted on the roof or on the ground.

Quick tilt adjusting mechanism for maximum solar energy production and easy snow removal.

Highest industry standard warranty with UL certified components.

Smart finish, aluminum and galvanized steel for that elegant and efficient look.

High energy production at low cost.

6 solar panels with total solar power 2000 Watts.

Ideal for small to medium cabin.

Ships directly to all 48 US States only.

Eligible for 30% Fed TAX CREDIT, and other local Incentives (Learn More)

What's Included

  • (6) ≥300W each solar panel for total 1.8 kW Solar @
  • (1) 2200 W Pure sine wave inverter
  • (1) 60 ft of cable
  • (6) batteries (12V / 100Ah) for a total of 7500 Wh
  • (1) 80A charge controller
  • Mounting and footing materials
  • DC and AC cables
  • Weatherproof male & female receptacles (Quick connect / disconnect)
  • Permit documents (PE Stamp) for city, state & utility approval.


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