SolarPodTM Crown

SolarPodTM Crown,  US patent # 8,826,608 & 9,257,937,  is UL 2703 Listed and Class A Fire rated.  It is a HOLE-LESS sloped roof solar system.

SolarPodTM Crown is a revolutionary new product designed for gable roofs without the need for roof penetrations. With SolarPodTM Crown, you simply place a smartly designed panel assembly on the roof and before you know it, you are streaming clean, green energy! It never compromises the integrity of your roof strength by eliminating the need for penetrations through its elegant design components.

The versatility of SolarPodTM Crown enables installation in many roofing materials with minimal or no invasion on roof structures.  SolarPodTM Crown has been installed in the following roof materials:  Shingle, Wood Shake, Metal, Tile, and Corrugated Metal.

It uses standardized rails that have been used in electrical work for decades which guarantees you the best reliability.  The standard rails are available in any local hardware store or you can purchase in bulk at lower cost.  The needed brackets are easy to ship and can all fit in a box.  .  By using simple components and avoiding unwanted holes on the roof, our elegant design ensures the optimal cost.

Our engineering is complete with UL Listing and Wind Tunnel testing.  Besides we ensure our listing does not violate or compromise our  sub-components UL Listing.

If you asked your customer whether he wishes to have a solar system with roof holes (attachments) or without holes (SolarPod Crown)?  What would you expect the answer?

“Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be obtained only by someone who is detached. ” ― Simone Weil





I started with a 1 kW Solar Pod Crown system.  I needed a new roof and it was very easy to replace the roof with the no roof penetration system. With the 2 man roofing crew helping me I was able to remove the solar system in only 20 minutes. I expanded the system to 2 kW after the roof was finished.  A very quick and easy process to add some more unistruts.  This is the best type of mounting system for a  Girard stone coated metal roof, as you cannot use roof penetrations with this roofing system.” — Bruce, Sunnyvale CA


SolarPodTM Crown in City of Fountain Valley, Los Angeles, CA


SolarPodTM Crown in City of San Luis Obispo, CA


SolarPodTM Crown Cost:  

Each roof is different in size, shape and roof material.  Hence SolarPodTM Crown is designed to fit your roof using a simple process.


Full (Grid Tied) System:

Specific region (CA & Upper Midwest) including installation:

Southern California (south of Bakersfield), Central California, North Carolina, Minnesota and western Wisconsin, turnkey installed price of $2.50 to $3.25 per Watt.

All Other regions (installation to be done by local qualified personnel):

SolarPodTM Crown at $1.75 to $2.25 per Watt.  This will include design, PE stamp for permit application, solar panels, inverter and racking.  It will not include installation and on-site hardware.

Standalone SolarPodTM Crown (Off Grid) System:

  • 4kW Solar +
  • 4kW Pure Sine Wave Inverter (120/240VAC Output) +
  • 10 kWh AGM Sealed Batteries +
  • Charge Controller and
  • No roof penetration SolarPodTM Crown  racking

All above for $15,250.00.  Includes shipping to the lower 48 US States.  Want to go off grid without any net metering or contract hassles, this is the best and cost effective way.

You can also use this Off Grid system to tie into the Grid to sell excess power.

Advantages of a SolarPodTM Crown Standalone:

  1. No roof holes.  Easiest installation.
  2. Can be 7/24 power if you have sufficient solar energy and storage (batteries).
  3. Modular construction.  Allows for you to double or triple the system size (4kW, 8kW, 12 kW and so on with increments of 4kW).
  4. Can sell excess power to Grid if you want.
  5. Can use a standby (diesel or gas) generator to charge batteries in case of extended no sun periods.
  6. System is electrically prefabricated, hence has minimal effort on-site installation.
  7. Cost per Watt is ≤ $4/W.  The first 4kW is at $4/W, then it reduces after that.
  8. You do not need utility company permission if you are not going to use the Grid.


100% at time of order.  Please read our return policy.

SolarPodTM Crown installation video

You can watch a time lapse installation video of a SolarPodTM Crown system below. This is an owner installation using SolarPodTM Crown patented design and installation instructions.

SolarPodTM Crown Energy Generation Performance

We investigated the energy performance of SolarPodTM Crown and compared it to Open Air systems.  We wanted to understand and provide customers our findings on the energy generation and environmental conditions for the SolarPodTM Crown.

The findings showed the energy generation between the two systems to be identical.  It also showed in the worst case temperature conditions and no wind in the hottest regions of the US (Phoenix AZ) in summer, the temperature increase in the back sheet is 5 C.

Please go to the report to read more.