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SolarPodTM Success Stories
Many valued customers have grown modularly with SolarPodTM! Here are just a few of their success stories.

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Successful SolarPodTM Standalone installations

Menasha Wisconsin

Farm SolarPodTM Standalone
Year: 2017
Size: 8 kW Solar + 22.5 kWh Battery
Inverter Type: 8 kW; Two OFF Grid Model #1007
Panels: 325W SolarWorld




Idaho & Montana (Yellow Stone National Park)

100 Years of National Park Service
Residential SolarPodTM Standalone
Year: 2016
Size: 2 kW
Inverter Type: OFF Grid Model #1008
Panels: 250W SolarWorld


Central Pennsylvania
Residential SolarPodTM Croiwn Standalone
Year: 2016
Size: 3.75 kW
Inverter Type: OFF Grid 8 kW

Batteries : 15 kWh
Panels: 250W SolarWorld



NewPort, NC
Residential Solar
Year: 2016
Size: 1 kW Solar + 1.5 kW Inverter + 2.5 kWh Battery
Inverter Type: Off Grid
Panels: 1000W




Dousman, WI
Residential Solar
Year: 2011
Size: 0.92 kW
Inverter Type: Enphase
Panels: 230W

“Thank you Mouli; I am very grateful for everything that you have done. I am impressed with the simplistic design and yet very efficient solar unit that you have developed.”

Tonawanda, NY
Residential Solar
Year: 2015
Size: 1 kW Solar ; 10 kWh battery backup
Inverter Type: Outback
Panels: 250W

“The install was simple and straightforward. The component’s are all high quality and will last long. This is the best purchase we have ever made for our cabin.”

Goodyear Arizona
Residential Solar
Year: 2015
Size: 2.2 kW Solar ; 10 kWh battery backup
Inverter Type: Outback
Panels: 270W

“The system was very useful this past evening. Lost power for almost 6 hours. Kept my refrigerator working along with lighting and TV. Proving to be a good investment.”


Baroda, MI
Residential SolarPodTM Standalone
Year: 2015
Size: 6.2 kW
Inverter Type: 4 kW ; Battery : 26 kWh
Panels: 260W


Remote Texas (no Grid Power at location)
Year: 2014
Size: 1.44 kW
Inverter Type: 4kW Off Grid Outback
Battery: 8 @ 12V/115Ah
SolarPodTM Standalone model #1006.


Ely, MN
Residential Solar Standalone
Year: 2012
Size: 0.981 kW
Inverter Type: Off-Grid Custom Inverter (Nominal 3 kW, Surge 6 kW)
Panels: SunPower 327W




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