SolarPodTM Grid Tied

SolarPodTM is completely modular. SolarPodTM quickly and easily integrates into your existing electrical system. If your energy needs grow with your home or business, additional SolarPodsTM can be installed in series with minimal effort. An entire SolarPodTM Grid Tied installation takes only two hours!

The prefabricated quick install solar solution dramatically reduces utility scale and commercial installations. What’s more, the SolarPodTM is the only solution that gives up to 20% higher energy from the seasonal tilt adjust mechanism.

The solar panels we use are from Tier 1 manufacturers such as SolarWorld, Trina, Canadian Solar, Q Cells, AU Optronics, JA Solar, etc.  All components are UL Listed and certified to the highest quality including coastal regions where high salt corrosion can occur.

You can watch our easy installation videos.  We are not a kit.  We are minimal effort plug & play which means all parts are prefabricated.

Comes with permit approval documents.  Just go to your city with our documents for approval.  We have obtained approvals for multiple city jurisdictions (30 US States).

Purchasing the SolarPodTM is simple, just go to our online SolarPodTM Store page.  Once purchased, your SolarPodTM Grid Tied will be at your door in 2 to 4 weeks.  We have three SolarPodTM Grid Tied models available:

  1. Model #1001: 1.2 kW SolarPodTM Grid Tied made with four +300W solar panels. $2,800 includes shipping to the 48 US States.
  2. Model #1002: 1kW SolarPodTM Grid Tied with only US Made solar panels (HeartLand SolarPodTM). $2,900 includes shipping to the 48 US States.
  3. Model #1006:  2.4 kW SolarPodTM Grid Tied made with eight +300W solar panels. $5,000 (ask for special sale price) includes shipping to the 48 US States.

There are time based sales.  You can check our online store for them.

Our prefabricated, lowest price and highest quality ensures you with the best energy production and fastest return on investment.

U.S. patent # 8,716,889 ; SolarPodTM is UL 2703 Listed.
SolarPodTM installation (Animation) video
SolarPodTM installation (Human) video