Z-Rack can be Installed up to 170MPH Wing

Z-Rack can be installed up to 170 mph in specific roof zones!

Solar Pod is pleased to announce our integration into Princeton Engineering’s online automated cloud-based structural analysis platform iRoof *.  iRoof now incorporates the Z Rack ** wind tunnel test lift coefficients in their computations.  iRoof calculations have demonstrated that Z Rack can withstand winds of 170 mph and that Z Rack requires no roof penetrations for these hurricane force winds outside of Roof Zone 3 *** Z Rack has been shown to work well in snowy areas too.

Our integration with iRoof gives us national coverage – wherever you work, iRoof can provide signed/sealed calculations and plans for you.  Use of the iRoof platform’s custom Z Rack analysis is open to all Z Rack solar installers who have been pre-approved by SolarPod.

.*iRoof is patent-pending and trademark pending

** Z Rack is patented and a trademark of SolarPod

*** which is basically a 3’x3’ square at the eave and ridge corners

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