Securing Your Solar Power System in Minnesota

Whatever type of system you are considering, you want to ensure it makes the maximum positive impact with minimal disruption to your home or business in Minnesota. SolarPod offers ground mounted systems as well as non-invasive mounting options for roof mounted systems through its patented Z-Solutions products. You’ll be on your way to clean energy in no time, and with your structure in-tact.  

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Flat Roof Mounting

Typical flat roof solar installations require heavy concrete ballast systems that can damage roof structures and trap heat, decreasing energy efficiency. Z-Lite eliminates these issues, lightening the load on your flat roof.

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Sloped Roof Mounting

Traditional solar installations risk the structural integrity of your roof with holes, leaks and weakened structures. Z-Rack has eliminated these common issues with their patented counterbalance system that keeps your panels firmly attached using only gravity and requires no drilling into the roof itself.

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Ground Mounting

SolarPod’s ground mounted systems are completely modular — quickly and easily integrating into your existing electrical system. A ground mounted system can give 10 to 20% more energy than conventional fixed solar.

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