On-grid systems vs. standalone solar

When weighing your options for solar energy in Minnesota, there are a wealth of factors to consider. The cost of the system, installation, roof structure, location, and most of all, environmental impact. All these things influence whether a grid-tied, off-grid or hybrid system is best for your needs. Learn more about SolarPod’s innovative clean energy systems to see which grid option is right for you.

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Off-grid solar systems

Simple, seamless and completely modular, SolarPod Standalone systems give you a minimal effort, plug-and-play solar energy option that’s as easy as plugging in an appliance. You’ll be on your way to clean, free, renewable energy in no time.

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Grid-tied solar systems

Clean energy to meet your needs. SolarPod’s grid-tied solar solutions are modular and integrate quickly and easily into your existing electrical system. Should your energy needs grow, additional SolarPods can be installed to meet them.

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Hybrid solar/battery systems

Custom solar energy. Sell power to the grid while getting all the benefits of an off-grid solution. Hybrid SolarPod is an entirely custom designed solution. It allows you to program your inverter for multiple options allowing you to go full solar with no grid connection.

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